Saturday, March 10, 2012


So it's official I am terrible at keeping up with this blog. But, I have 2 great excuses both whose names begin the letter C so what can I say...
I figured I'd just put some cute photos up from the last 2 months. Including Carter's Birthday Pictures. He turned 2 in January and had a super fun Birthday Party.
This is Charlotte- she is 8 months now and she is just a doll! We just love this baby. She actually eats its amazing to me to have a child that likes food. She acts like she can't get enough even when its peas and carrots that I'm feeding her. She is still doing an army crawl but starting to get up on her knees more. And she shakes her arms when music is on - so funny!
Our cute little boy playing tee-ball
I love this picture of the kids because it shows Charlotte's cute chubbiness
Carter loves playing outside with any kind of ball
On Carter's 2nd Birthday at the Park
One of Carter's most favorite Birthday presents, a bubble gun! He loves this toy so much
Our great friends let us borrow their bouncy house for Carter's party, it was a hit with the kids
WOOHOO he is 2!
I love this picture, He is sharing his birthday cake with his friend. Carter was scooping frosting onto his finger and then she was licking it off his finger. Pretty funny!
Misses flexible. So this girl will definitely be taking dance and gymnastics classes, she is so flexible it is nuts.
Princess Charlotte


amanda said...

oh my gosh, what cuties!! I'm dying. Also, I really miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Cute post Nat! Charlotte really is a doll! and that picture of Carter sitting on the bouncy house is crazy, he looks like a 4 year old! And I love that Charlotte is chubby, its great! Oh and her doing the splits! What the heck, I didn't know she was that flexible!

iqbalbala said...

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