Friday, January 25, 2013

One on the way...

Hello! I realized the other day that it has been over 6 months since I posted on my blog. And that is just pathetic. So here I am creating a post. 
A lot has happened in the past 6 months but instead of boring you with all the details here are some highlights:
Logan is in his 2nd Year of Med School and we are so glad that he is almost done with year 2
Charlotte is now 18 months old and is such a sweetheart
Carter turns 3 tomorrow and I can't believe it
I have been staying busy chasing my kiddos around, teaching the Mia Maids, trying to cook yummy meals despite the fact I really do not enjoy cooking, babysitting, decorating my home, and having fun with my camera taking pictures of my kids all the time
We are really enjoying living near family and love spending time with them
We are expecting baby #3 in August
Carter got a balance bike for Christmas and loves to ride it, when he's not playing with his trains
Charlotte is obsessed with her blanket and her pretend lipstick and all books and anything Carter is playing with at the moment
We are enjoying raising our kids and everyday I realize how fast they grow up and I just don't want them to!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sterling is HOME at last...

Sterling came home from his mission in Singapore today! Wow what an amazing day we've had. I am so happy to have him home again. But for him of course it is Bitter Sweet. He had the greatest time in the world and has such amazing stories. We are all so proud of him.

Together again. We are so happy to have him back!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Logan finished his 1st year of MED SCHOOL

Logan finished year 1 of Medical School- We are so excited to get a summer break!
Our sweet girl, always has her thumb in her mouth. So Today is a very exciting today for our family. Logan finished his first year of Medical School! I am so happy. We get 3 months of no class and no studying. That means the kids and I get to spend 3 months with Daddy. I could not be more excited. I am so proud of all his hard work this year and also so glad we get a much needed break. YEAH!

Carter LOVES trains! So we took him to this fun train park near our home- he had so much fun. We can't wait to go again. Next time with daddy!
At the Zoo, another one of Carters Favorite things- Animals! He loves them all
I took this picture for my photo class and I just love it, she looks so cute and chubby
What a sweetie! Charlotte got her 1st crib after 10 months of sleeping in a pack-n-play.
Our Handsome Boy. He gets sick of smiling for pictures for me all the time.
Love his smile. 

Let the summer begin!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter Weekend was so great this year! We went to an Easter Party at MidWestern on Saturday morning. The kids got to sit on The Easter Bunny's lap and luckily they weren't too afraid of him.
There was a Big Easter egg hunt for all the kids. And Carter made a sugar cookie that Charlotte helped lick all the frosting off. We had a fun time!
Charlotte licking the frosting off her fingers
The fun egg hunt
Then in the afternoon we went to Nana's house and had another Easter Egg hunt. Carter had such a great time. He loved collecting eggs and eating all the treats!
Charlotte kept trying to take Carter's eggs
Then, Easter morning I was really hoping to take some family pictures but, Carter woke up sick. I'm pretty sure from eating nothing but sweets the whole day before. So sadly we weren't able to take pictures as a family but I'm really hoping next Sunday we can. So I was able to take some pictures of Charlotte.

Then, the Easter bunny came and the kids got some fun things in their baskets.

Hope you all had a great Easter too!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pictures of my kids.... what else?

Just a couple cute Pictures as of late.
My kiddos sharing a popsicle in the backyard, this moment was priceless so I had to grab the camera.
Today the kids were all ready for church and just looked too cute I had to grab a picture. Carter always looks so handsome all dressed up with his tie on. And Charlotte is just a doll. She is 9 months now! And these two munchkins are starting to play with each other it's great!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


So it's official I am terrible at keeping up with this blog. But, I have 2 great excuses both whose names begin the letter C so what can I say...
I figured I'd just put some cute photos up from the last 2 months. Including Carter's Birthday Pictures. He turned 2 in January and had a super fun Birthday Party.
This is Charlotte- she is 8 months now and she is just a doll! We just love this baby. She actually eats its amazing to me to have a child that likes food. She acts like she can't get enough even when its peas and carrots that I'm feeding her. She is still doing an army crawl but starting to get up on her knees more. And she shakes her arms when music is on - so funny!
Our cute little boy playing tee-ball
I love this picture of the kids because it shows Charlotte's cute chubbiness
Carter loves playing outside with any kind of ball
On Carter's 2nd Birthday at the Park
One of Carter's most favorite Birthday presents, a bubble gun! He loves this toy so much
Our great friends let us borrow their bouncy house for Carter's party, it was a hit with the kids
WOOHOO he is 2!
I love this picture, He is sharing his birthday cake with his friend. Carter was scooping frosting onto his finger and then she was licking it off his finger. Pretty funny!
Misses flexible. So this girl will definitely be taking dance and gymnastics classes, she is so flexible it is nuts.
Princess Charlotte

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I have been such a slacker when it comes to posting on my blog.
So I thought I'd at least put up some pictures today.
We had a wonderful Christmas this year and I got a new camera! So I have been playing with my Christmas present all the time, Carter is now completely sick of saying "cheese" and only gives me fake smiles now.
So here are some photos as of late.
Carter is turning 2 next week! I can't believe it.
This little girl has the best smile and cutest little dimple
This picture was on my birthday when I went to the Anthem Outlets to do some Shopping!
Charlotte with Santa, Carter was way scared of Santa this year.
One of Carters new presents, a tee ball set. He loves it!
This is me trying to pretend like I know how to use my camera
Too Cute!