Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter Weekend was so great this year! We went to an Easter Party at MidWestern on Saturday morning. The kids got to sit on The Easter Bunny's lap and luckily they weren't too afraid of him.
There was a Big Easter egg hunt for all the kids. And Carter made a sugar cookie that Charlotte helped lick all the frosting off. We had a fun time!
Charlotte licking the frosting off her fingers
The fun egg hunt
Then in the afternoon we went to Nana's house and had another Easter Egg hunt. Carter had such a great time. He loved collecting eggs and eating all the treats!
Charlotte kept trying to take Carter's eggs
Then, Easter morning I was really hoping to take some family pictures but, Carter woke up sick. I'm pretty sure from eating nothing but sweets the whole day before. So sadly we weren't able to take pictures as a family but I'm really hoping next Sunday we can. So I was able to take some pictures of Charlotte.

Then, the Easter bunny came and the kids got some fun things in their baskets.

Hope you all had a great Easter too!

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Anonymous said...

Soooo cute! I was thinking about the fam yesterday cuz I knew you all probably got together. I feel left out :(

But I just love seeing pictures of those kids! and carter's hair is SOOOOO blonde! is it just from being in the sun?