Friday, May 18, 2012

Logan finished his 1st year of MED SCHOOL

Logan finished year 1 of Medical School- We are so excited to get a summer break!
Our sweet girl, always has her thumb in her mouth. So Today is a very exciting today for our family. Logan finished his first year of Medical School! I am so happy. We get 3 months of no class and no studying. That means the kids and I get to spend 3 months with Daddy. I could not be more excited. I am so proud of all his hard work this year and also so glad we get a much needed break. YEAH!

Carter LOVES trains! So we took him to this fun train park near our home- he had so much fun. We can't wait to go again. Next time with daddy!
At the Zoo, another one of Carters Favorite things- Animals! He loves them all
I took this picture for my photo class and I just love it, she looks so cute and chubby
What a sweetie! Charlotte got her 1st crib after 10 months of sleeping in a pack-n-play.
Our Handsome Boy. He gets sick of smiling for pictures for me all the time.
Love his smile. 

Let the summer begin!


bdoyle said...

SO cute!! (love your capris, btw!!) Congrats to Logan! Miss you guys too much. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

yaaaayyyy! I'm so happy for Logan and for you to finally get to spend time together. Nat those pictures look great! My favorite one of Charlotte is her in front of the crib and I LOVE the black & white one of Carter sitting on that chair! You must be learning a lot in your class! It shows : )

Matt and Dani said...

You guys look great!! And your little ones are precious!! Congrats to Logan!!